Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why Franchise?

Amrit at Creation Station tells us Why Franchise? When my third daughter was approaching nursery school age the reality of getting back to work hit me hard.Where could I find somewhere that would let me drop my kids off at school and nursery, be there to pick them back up without relying on expensive after school clubs, and what about the school holidays?? And what could I do anyway; being out of employment for sometime would be mean lengthy retraining that I couldn’t afford financially or commit myself to.So I decided to do it all myself. I couldn't look after my young family and be answerable to someone else at work. I wanted the independence and control of my own business and saw that with the Creation Station I could also be part of a team. The concept is so simple and marketable and it would give me a way to explore my long-neglected artistic side as well as earn a living.I had started thinking about flexible working opportunities, and had considered franchising. I had been really drawn to the Creation Station, as it allows me to still use my teaching skills, working with children and I love arts and crafts.The reason I chose a franchise:I did think maybe I could do this myself and at the same time knew without the right backing I would probably give up at the first hurdle.It is not easy. However, there is great support from all the other franchisees who are now really good friends. We all share ideas on a forum and help each other to grow our businesses. There are lesson plans, which are well thought out and in line with Early Years learning.The support and back-up has been quite amazing and is one of the reasons I was so confident about choosing the Creation Station for my business. People who had bought into other types of franchises had told me how they had paid their money, were given a DVD and told to pretty much get on with it. I wanted more than that. I like that I am helping to build a brand and am part of a bigger picture. My friends and family are giving me so much support and I know that if I want it to be successful I am going to have to work hard. But, it's my business so it's worth it. I'm looking forward to the satisfaction of seeing families enjoy what we do and keep coming back. In the short term I want to earn enough to pay my bills and be available to meet my child from school. Ultimately, I would possibly buy a second Creation Station franchise in a neighbouring area and employ someone to run it. Right now I'm feeling excited and a little nervous. But I can’t imagine where else I would be.

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