Sunday, January 30, 2011

What to do when someone copies your business or ideas?

We posted an article about 6 months ago on how to protect your designs and website for being copied.

Just revisiting this topic, as we have many new members who have joined us since then.

It can be frustrating when you set up a business and work really hard to make it a success for someone to come along and copy your words and ideas. This is never easy but competition can be healthy - it makes you work even harder. However it can be annoying when the people who are copying our ideas are industry colleagues.

Behind the scenes we regularly advise members on how they can protect their ideas, from everything to how they present at trade shows to networking their business.

So here is a great article that I have found which is worth a read -

"Many may imitate what you are doing, in fact they could outright copy, what they can’t have is the essence of the idea, the passion that has kept you awake at night with excitement at the thought of launching a new business idea. They can’t copy the integrity that has formulated the plan … nor understand everything that whirrrs and cogs behind it nor the commitment that your family and team have made to you to ensure it is successful

Howard Schultz, the Chairman of Starbucks states in his book ‘The Starbucks Experience’

“We have no patent on anything we do and anything we do can be copied by anyone else. But you can’t copy the heart and the soul and the conscience of the company.”

-Howard Schultz, Chairman of Starbucks"

Read the full article here  

Unfortunately it isn't a case of IF your ideas get copied but more like WHEN they do. Remember too that the person copying you will also become a victim of copying too ....

A quote one of our mumpreneurs used is from McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc "My attitude was that competition can try to steal my plans and copy my style but they can't read my mind: so I'll leave them a mile behind"

Be yourself. There is something that you can do better than any other. Listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that.
If you’re in our network then remember that alliances are extremely beneficial. Building good relationships with other network members can actually boost your business success.

Saturday, January 1, 2011 offers advertising opportunities for Scottish Mumpreneurs

Delighted to bring you yet another opportunity for Scottish Mumprenuers Network members. We have been speaking with Tracey Bartlett of new national wedding directory
She is offering advertising opportunities to our members - so make sure you get in touch quoting Scottish Mumpreneur Network/Wedding and Baby to benefit from the latest discounts.

Here is what Tracey had to say about her new site -

My Hubby and I married on 15th October 2009, not our first wedding, but definitely our last. Because of this, we only invited our four daughters to the ceremony and celebration meal, it was glorious!! I have done the big white wedding, although nice (and expensive) it was lovely to experience a low key celebration which concentrated on what we as a family wanted. We were very fortunate to meet the lovely Myleene Klass whilst on honeymoon in Windsor that night. After ages watching her filming in our hotel courtyard we went and sipped champagne, a real treat and a perfect end to our wedding day. It was a simple quiet day that ended with a big bang.....eureka moment that is! It The idea was planted to one day branch into wedding planning (watch this space) but in the meantime I vowed to plough my spare energies into the wedding website my husband developed for me. Since this day it has grown immensely and I am very grateful for the time and help my husband has assisted me.

The WithBellsOn wedding information website aim is to bring brides and their local businesses together, connecting those who have wedding services to those who need wedding services.

 I hope both the information and directory provided in WithBellsOn will help engaged couples get the information and services they require to make their day run smoothly, whether it is their first, second, third, forth.....I personally wish all engaged couples the very best of luck with planning for their special day and hope their future is bright, with many smiles and only tears of joy.

So, if you are getting married please come to for all your wedding information needs, we have some beautiful jewellery! If you are a business owner and wish to advertise your business to all the engaged couples out there, then please come and find more information here...
Email -!/profile.php?id=1052174911